A Message For Russell!!

Hello Russell …. Mrs Vass here 🙂

I wasn’t sure how else to get in touch with you, so I came up with this idea. I’ve received an email asking to reset your password. Did you request this? If you have forgotten it, can you leave a comment on here …. or on the class blog? 

If you read this and leave me a comment, I’ll find a way of getting the new password to you by commenting on here – but we just won’t moderate it so it won’t go public 🙂

I hope this all makes sense …. and I hope that this all means that you intend to keep your blog going 🙂


The first day was tuesday and i walked to school from Carronshore with Kieran, Adam, Fraser M, Ben, Kieran sim.

When we arived there at the school we were all nervous.

We had lots of subjects and met all my new class mates.

The second day was wednesday and we had a full time table.We had to do all our subjects and it was a little bit tiring.

The final day was Thursday and we did our subjects and then had morning break.At morning break i had a bacon roll with scrambled eggg and tomato sauce.(YUM!,YUM!).did the rest of my subjects and then had lunch.For lunch I had pasta from the Pasta King.I had two other subjects and then went home.


‘Run, run, and run were the only thoughts on my mind .What if they catch me and where to next?’ All these thoughts were flowing through Fred’s head as he ran away from the jewellers with priceless rocks in his hand. He jumped on a scrambler motor bike and then made a break into a forest. As he left the streets the sun hid behind the clouds, the talking stopped and the city views faded into darkness. As he was driving through the forest his heart beat doubled and his adrenaline kick in. He saw big scary animals like husky’s and wolves hiding behind the trees.     He kept going until he reached a big tall black mysterious looking building. He drove past the sign that said ‘No ENTRY’. He then hopped off the bike and then ran up to the door and gave it a kick. The door slowly squeaked and creaked open. He started to tell that the drugs have been effecting his head. 

He walked in and then slowly approached the big stair case. It lead to a shabby looking door. Fred opened it and he saw lots of dead people who had been hanged. As he walked further he accidentally stood on a Button. Slam the door had locked shut. He ran to the door just to find a sign saying ‘you’re trapped’.  “Fred, Fred wake up it is time for school,” said Fred’s mum. HE WOKE UP AND FOUND OUT IT WAS ALL A DREAM. 


One of the hard things in life is choise some are easy like what should i wear and others are hard like what car to buy.BUT THE HARDEST ONE IS WHAT JOB TO HAVE BECAUSE THERE ARE LOADS.When i grow up i would either like to be a normal police officer which is like solving crimes and stuff.Or in the traffic police, which is like catching speeders and arriving at motorway accidents or illegal number plates.Or be in the armed responce unit which are the police with guns and go to accident which suspects are armed.     AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! TOO MANTY JOBS9998.jpg           TRAFFIC CAR